Direct Equity investments

Velleman International nv

Investment date: 2011
Shareholding: majority
A wholesaler and developer of electronics, the company sells over 12,000 different products, the majority of which under its own brand names. Its global network covers 1,700 dealers in over 85 countries, and more than 2,250 customers in the B2B segment. Velleman enjoys an outstanding reputation for service to the retail sector.

Paratodos nv

Investment date: 1987
Shareholding: majority - partnership
Website: -
In 1987, De Eik decided to invest in a partnership in South America, more specifically in Paraguay. There, cattle breeding activities were developed in collaboration with a local partner, and today Paratodos is a diversified agribusiness group.

Pietercil Delby’s nv

Investment date: 1947
Shareholding: minority - partnership
Pietercil is a sales and marketing organisation with sites in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France. It handles the distribution of fast-moving consumer goods via wholesale distribution and other channels. In addition, for several years now the company has been developing the production organisation Beliès, which produces and packages Mediterranean products such as olives and tapenades.

Tattersall Leasing sa

Investment date: 2015
Shareholding: minority - partnership
Over the last 20 years, Tattersall Leasing has been developing car rental and leasing activities in Chile. Currently, the company has a fleet of over 10,000 vehicles and a network of more than 65 offices in Chile. Since July 2010 Tattersall Leasing has been the Chilean franchisee of Europcar, the principal international car rental company based in Europe. The company is now expanding its activities to other countries in the Pacific Rim region.

Mediahuis Partners nv

Investment date: 1976
Shareholding: minority - partnership
Website: www.mediahuis.be
Mediahuis Partners is a Belgian-Dutch media group offering a comprehensive range of products as a multimedia and multiregional enterprise. The group aims to create and commercialise high-quality and reliable content through strong news brands. In an exceptionally rapidly developing media landscape, Mediahuis news media offers readers solid products every day, both in print and online and with an appealing and relevant target audience for advertisers.

Investment companies and investment funds

Indufin Investment Fund nv

Investment date: 2019
Shareholding: majority
Website: www.indufin.be

Indufin Capital Partners Sicar sa

Investment date: 2002
Interest: partnership
ICP is active in the private equity segment, where investments are made in companies for a limited period so as to implement a business plan and then  realize a capital gain upon sale. It invests in unlisted medium-sized companies in Belgium and Luxembourg. Holdings concern minority and majority interests for both growth financing and funding for buy-out and buy-in operations.

Mezzanine Partners I and II S. Com p. A.

Investment date: 2014 and 2018
Interest: partnership:
Mezzanine Partners is a joint investment fund from PMV and Capital@rent. It is a partnership between a public and a private investment company aimed at activating additional public and private resources and to deploy mezzanine financing in Flanders and The Netherlands in a structured and professional way. The companies as envisaged by Mezzanine Partners are companies with a sound market position and a proven track record of positive cashflows.

Valiance Life Sciences Growth Investments SICAV-SIF

Investment date: 2015
Interest: minority
Valiance Life Sciences Growth Investments is a closed-end risk capital fund with a focus on investments in Life Sciences companies (MedTech sub-segment) in Western Europe. The fund plays an active role and places specific knowledge and experience, as well as its international network, at the disposal of its participations with a view to achieving the commercial roll-out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

KC Next Food SCA

Investment date: 2018
Shareholding: minority
Website: www.rigonidiasiago.com

Real estate

Investment date: date of establishment
Shareholding : majority
The group owns a portfolio commercial and residential properties,  focusing on the property management of a limited number of projects in its local region. Selective new developments are considered based on prevailing market conditions. In addition to the above, the group also holds a minority stake in J. Zinner nv. The real estate activities are considered long-term investments with a potential for generating capital gains.